Doggy Day Care

Embrace the serenity of Mangrove Mountain: Our sprawling 20+ acre farm, tucked away in the tranquil Mangrove Mountain, isn’t just any ordinary daycare—it’s a haven tailor-made for your furry family member. Imagine your beloved dog living their best life, enjoying daily adventures filled with joy and discovery in this picturesque setting.

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Farmtastic Doggy Daycare

Farmtastic Doggy Daycare is a sanctuary for dogs, offering an ideal mix of freedom, fun, and structured activities. Set in spacious, secure areas, our facility allows dogs to roam and play in a natural environment. Every day at Farmtastic is filled with adventure, featuring a range of scheduled activities designed to entertain and engage. From interactive games to agility training and scent work, we address the instinctual needs of dogs, ensuring they receive a healthy balance of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Understanding the hectic schedules of dog owners in the North Shore, we provide convenient pick-up points from Chatswood to Hornsby. Our bespoke dog transporter ensures your pet’s journey to and from the daycare is as comfortable and soothing as their day is thrilling. At Farmtastic, rest is also a priority, with enough downtime between activities to avoid burnout. This careful approach ensures every dog has a rewarding day without becoming overly tired. After a day full of fun and learning, we return your furry friend in the afternoon, happy and prepared for a relaxing evening at home.

Farmtastic Activities


Dogs navigate a creatively designed maze, engaging in problem-solving tasks, finding hidden treats and searching for their human companions.
Benefits: Enhances cognitive skills, encourages natural curiosity, and provides a fun and stimulating mental workout.


A purpose-built room dedicated to scent work and training, where dogs can engage in activities like identifying specific scents or tracking.
Benefits: Hones the dog's natural scent abilities, improves focus and concentration, and offers an enjoyable sensory challenge.

Jump n Jive

A full-sized agility course with creative twists like unusual obstacles and varying levels of difficulty.
Benefits: Promotes physical fitness, enhances coordination and agility, and builds confidence through mastery of challenges.

Barkstacle Course

A series of physical challenges including hurdles, tunnels, and balance beams that dogs navigate through.
Benefits: Improves physical conditioning, teaches patience and focus, and provides a fun way to burn off energy.

Oasis by the Dam

Various water-based activities like fetch, board riding, platform jumps, and sunbathing. Includes options for digging, exploring, and cooling off. Life jackets are available for swimming beginners.
Benefits: Offers physical exercise, promotes water confidence, and provides a refreshing and enjoyable experience for dogs.

Zoomie Zone

Chasing after drones, mechanical lures, and remote-control cars in a safe, controlled environment.
Benefits: Fulfills natural chasing instincts, provides high-energy exercise, and is a thrilling way for dogs to expend energy.

Burrow & Bounce Playground

Areas designated for digging and playing with suspended toys, allowing dogs to indulge in these natural behaviors.
Benefits: Satisfies the instinct to dig and play, reduces boredom, and encourages physical and mental engagement.

Barnyard Playhouse - Weather-Proof Fun

At Farmtastic Doggy Daycare, we introduce the "Barnyard Playhouse," a versatile space designed to keep the fun going, rain or shine. It's a haven for dogs to stay active and engaged, even when outdoor play isn't an option. With interactive toys and room, it ensures that your dog's energy and excitement remain high, regardless of the weather.

Farmtastic Schedule

7:15 am – 8 am
Pick Up

Pick-ups from designated locations using our custom-made comfort van

8:45 am

Arrival at the farm, quick health check, toilet break and socialisation time to ease into the day

9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Engagement in activities, with rest breaks, shaded areas, and ample water available throughout the day.

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Cool Down

 Cool-down period, optional wash, and dry if necessary

4:15 pm

Departure from the farm

5:00 pm – 5:45 pm

Drop-offs at designated locations using our custom-made comfort van

Please note that the schedule is subject to changes based on various factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and the dogs’ energy levels. Rest assured, we strive to maintain a well-planned and enriching experience for all our furry guests.

Service Areas

  • Willoughby
  • Chatswood
  • Roseville
  • Lindfield
  • Killara
  • St Ives
  • Pymble
  • Turramurra
  • Wahroonga 

What's Included

Convenient Pickup and Drop-off Services

Our facility offers a convenient pickup and drop-off service at selected destinations to enhance your convenience and your pet’s comfort.

Daily Enrichment Activities

We provide a comprehensive range of enriching activities designed to engage and entertain your furry companions. These activities are carefully scheduled with regular rest breaks to ensure the well-being of your pets.

Quick wash

As part of our dedicated care, we offer a quick wash when necessary. Our wash services are tailored to the day’s activities and maintain the cleanliness and comfort of your pets.

Thoughtful Treats

Throughout the day, we provide thoughtfully selected treats that include dried meat, fresh meat, snacks, and high-value food used for training and enrichment activities. These treats are chosen with your pet’s enjoyment and well-being in mind.

Food Policy: To maintain a harmonious environment and ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, we kindly request that no additional meals or food be provided or accepted during daycare hours. This policy helps prevent potential food aggression issues or conflicts among dogs and promotes a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

Our Prices & Plans

Initial Screening $120

Note: Pricing is per visit. For example, if your dog attends 2 days per week, each visit costs $95. Total $190 for the week. The more days your dog visits, the lower the cost per visit.

*Second dog same household 10% off of lower priced pass

Our Casual Rates

One Off Casual: $120 per day

5 Day Pass: $110 per day

10 Day Pass: $105 per day

Our Regular Rates

Same Day Every Week - Direct Debit

1 Day: $100 per visit

2 Days: $95 per visit

3 Days: $90 per visit

4 Days: $85 per visit

Note: Pricing is per visit. For example, if your dog attends 2 days per week, each visit costs $95. Total $190 for the week. The more days your dog visits, the lower the cost per visit.

*Second dog same household 10% off of lower priced pass