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Farmtastic Doggy Daycare: Dylan's Paw-sitive Journey

Farmtastic Doggy Daycare is a sanctuary for dogs, offering an ideal mix of freedom, fun, and structured activities. Set in spacious, secure areas, our facility allows dogs to roam and play in a natural environment. Every day at Farmtastic is filled with adventure, featuring a range of scheduled activities designed to entertain and engage. From interactive games to agility training and scent work, we address the instinctual needs of dogs, ensuring they receive a healthy balance of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Understanding the hectic schedules of dog owners in the North Shore, we provide convenient pick-up points from Chatswood to Hornsby. Our bespoke dog transporter ensures your pet’s journey to and from the daycare is as comfortable and soothing as their day is thrilling. At Farmtastic, rest is also a priority, with enough downtime between activities to avoid burnout. This careful approach ensures every dog has a rewarding day without becoming overly tired. After a day full of fun and learning, we return your furry friend in the afternoon, happy and prepared for a relaxing evening at home.

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Hey there! I’m Dylan.

Raised in a household where love for dogs runs deep, dog training isn’t just my profession—it’s part of who I am, ingrained in my very DNA as a second-generation dog trainer.. After a thrilling chapter in professional sports, I’ve shifted gears to what really makes my heart race: creating unforgettable days for our four-legged pals at Farmtastic.

My journey’s been one big adventure , from the intensity of competing on the global stage in sport to the life-changing moments in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami. Through it all, my dogs were more than just pets; they were my teammates, offering comfort and joy in every situation.

That’s why I started Farmtastic Daycare—it’s my way of high-fiving back to the dog world.

Farmtastic is all about epic days out for your dogs. Think of it as their favorite playground, but supercharged. We’re talking about tapping into their natural doggy instincts with activities that are as fun as they are mentally stimulating.

We’ve observed remarkable transformations: reserved pups evolving into confident adventurers, and high-energy dogs channeling their energy into positive behaviors.

Choosing Farmtastic means you’re in for peace of mind, knowing your furry friend is not just being looked after, but truly thriving. It’s where every dog gets to be a superstar, exploring, learning, and just having a blast.

Ready for your dog to have the time of their life?